Astrology forecast for July 2022

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There will be a Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday July 13: This Full Moon squares Neptune (illusions) and sextiles Saturn (practicality and efficiency). Avoid making major moves for the next two weeks. Stick to solid practical every-day tasks that are easier to control.

There will be a New Moon in Leo on Thursday July 28: 
It makes a lucky trine to Jupiter so things may actually get a bit better. You would never know this from the media though. Mercury (information) is opposite Saturn (depression) and Uranus (sudden shocks) squares both of them. So avoid the national and world news. Go and have some fun instead.

Friday July 1: Venus semisquare Eris AND Sun sesquasquare Saturn AND Mars square Pluto: Tempers are shorter today. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments. Stick to routine tasks (Saturn) and avoid major purchases (Venus).

Saturday July 2
: Mercury trine Saturn AND Mercury sextile Eris AND Mercury square Neptune: Great! It is the Fourth of July weekend and you have a practical aspect. Well at least that will be good for planning the weekend. Watch that Mercury-Neptune though. Be extra careful about drinking and driving.

Sunday July 3: 
Venus sesquasquare Pluto: Yes, it is the 4th of July. Enjoy yourself but be careful not to Party too hard.

Tuesday July 5: 
Mercury sextile Mars AND Venus semisquare Mars: Mercury-Mars helps you speak your mind and be more assertive. Venus-Mars can be a little too irritating in relationships. Do not come on too strong.

Wednesday July 6: Mercury semisquare Uranus: You may think that idea is brilliant, but think twice before you post it online.

Saturday July 9:
 Mercury square Jupiter AND Mercury sesquasquare Saturn: Careful what you say or write today. Mercury-Jupiter can make you put your foot in your mouth. Mercury-Saturn will make you pay for it.

Sunday July 10: Sun sextile Uranus: Now this is good for having good ideas and finding new solutions to old problems.

Wednesday July 13: Venus trine Saturn AND Venus sextile Eris AND Mercury sextile Uranus:

Thursday July 14: Venus square Neptune: Four aspects. Busy day. Venus Saturn is good for quiet enjoyment. Venus-Eris adds a little extra action and excitement. But not too much. Sextiles are mild. Mercury-Uranus is good for now ideas. It also favors internet communications. Venus-Neptune is the only stress aspect here. Do not make any major financial moves today.

Saturday July 16: 
Sun conjunct Mercury: This is good for face-to-face conversations. Remember those?

Sunday July 17: Mercury square Eris AND Mercury trine Neptune AND Sun square Eris AND Sun trine Neptune: The squares to Eris mean watch out for arguments today. The trines to Neptune are great for doing anything involving imagination. Read a romantic novel. Listen to your favorite music. Take a walk in the park and smell the flowers.

Monday July 18: 
Mercury opposes Pluto: You may have an urge today to tell someone off. Do not do it. Pluto knows where to wound. You can make an enemy for life.

Tuesday July 19: 
Sun opposes Pluto: You may feel overwhelmed today. Throw things out. You will feel better. Pluto also rules elimination. Getting rid of things can drain the Pluto energy.

Wednesday July 20: Mars semisquare Neptune AND Venus semisquare Uranus: This combination can make you want to rush in. Slow down and double check things before you act.

Thursday July 21: Jupiter semisquare Saturn: This can actually be a good day for long-range planning.

Saturday July 23: Mercury trine Jupiter: This is very good for communications. Make those important contacts now.

Sunday July 24: Mercury sesquasquare Neptune AND Venus sesquasquare Saturn: DO NOT make important contacts today. Relax, take it easy, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Monday July 25: Venus square Jupiter: Do not buy anything expensive today. You will tend to overpay. Also, Venus rules sweets and squares to Jupiter produce excess. Do not overeat.

Tuesday July 26: 
Mercury square Mars: Yes, your mind is fast today. Too Fast. Think before you speak (or write).

Thursday July 28: Mercury square Uranus: Your ideas today will either be brilliant or crazy. The problem is you will not know which one it is. Sit down and think a while before you take any action.

Sunday July 31: Mercury opposes Saturn AND Mercury sesquasquare Jupiter AND Sun trine Jupiter: This is a good day for thinking about your long-range goals and how to make them happen.

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