Astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to man; kings and queens once kept their own personal astrologers and consulted them whenever they needed advice, for the astrologers were considered among the wisest people in the ancient world. This science has continued into present day, where astrologers worldwide continue to study all aspects of life and living.

Simply by taking your Date, time and place of birth, your natal chart can be drawn up to provide a complete insight into your personality. Your chart is a snapshot of the planets at your moment of birth and is your blueprint for life. It gets to the very root of your being and is an invaluable tool for helping you to understand your own amazing gifts and talents. It will also explain where you are likely to experience your most profound successes and face your most difficult challenges.

Once I’ve taken your birth details, I’ll interpret your chart and will then talk you through it, and as it’s done on a one to one basis I can answer any questions you may have. As consultations can take up to two hours the reading is recorded so you can have a CD to take away as well as a copy of your Birth Chart.

Options Available:-

Full Astrological Chart  –  £75.00

Solar Return for the Year Ahead  –  £75.00

Partnership Compatibility  –  £75.00

All these options are available via Skype

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I can now offer printed reports – for accurate charts I will need your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

Full Birth Chart

Your Natal Chart report is an astrological chart based on the positions of the planets at the moment of your birth.  It provides you with insights into your character and personal life potentials by indicating the strengths you have and the challenges you experience in life.  As well as the report, you will also receive a copy of your actual Birth Chart, which is the ‘blueprint’ of your life.

Digital:  Receive your Full Birth Chart Analysis quickly as a PDF file, no shipping costs.

Price: £25

Printed and Bound:  Receive your Birth Chart printed and bound by hand. Delivery by post anywhere in the UK.  For oversees delivery contact me for shipping costs.

Price: £30


Yearly Transit Forecast

This report shows the astrological trends influencing your life for the next 12 months and are specific to you.

Digital:  Receive your Annual Forecast Report quickly as a PDF file, no shipping costs.

Price £25

Printed and Bound:  Printed and bound by hand. Delivery by post anywhere in the UK. For oversees delivery, contact me for shipping costs.

Price £30