For over 3 years Ruth has been a gentle tower of strength, integrity, wisdom and compassion while she has been guiding me through some of the biggest struggles of my life. The healing I have had has helped on every level and the homework and advice has been timely and effective. The readings I have had have encouraged and helped me grow into a place of health, wellness and understanding of my life challenges. I am reaching a time of acceptance and happiness in my life that I know has come from the work we have done together. I am beyond grateful.

Ruth has been the most important part of my “life rehabilitation”

S J, Fareham


Thank you for being there for me whenever I felt I needed help. Your guidance and your healing helped me on my journey from a place of darkness and confusion; event by painful event, to a place where I now feel the sunshine on my back. There have been so many issues worked through that I know it has made a real difference to the whole family. For over 16 years you have been a rock to us all with time and love, with non judgmental and considered advice as well as healing. I cannot thank you enough.

Cristina, Cardiff


Thank you Ruth for your ’emergency treatment’. After I put my back out moving a cupboard at work I didn’t think I would be able to move properly for weeks – then I remembered your healing and thank goodness you could fit me in the same day. It took me over 5 minutes to get to your door from my daughters car but after 45 minutes with you working on me I could have driven myself home without a problem !! By the evening I was back to normal but took your advice and moved carefully for a couple of days. So – all fixed – and painlessly too, so thank you again.

Sally, Fareham


Skype lessons are great; you don’t have to leave the house or dress up, just sit in your own home relax and have a cuppa as and when so long as someone is there to make it for you. The workshops are great, a whole day with Ruth, but with Ruth making the drinks for you, the atmosphere is very calming and relaxing, that being said Ruth will have you busy learning the subject.

A year ago, I started with Tarot along with a group of others, we moved onto astrology next, after that we learnt about Karma, and now we are onto Astrology again.

Ruth gives you the foundation that you need to learn and understand each subject, these subjects are linked with Ruth showing the ways they are linked and work together and separately, once you have grasped the foundation Ruth moves you on, when you have a moment of “what” “where” “how” ”why” “when”, Ruth is there with the guidance you need to understand the “what” “where” “how” ”why” and “when”.

The “panic I can’t do / understand this“ Ruth helps you through this, never finishing an evening or workshop until everyone has the answers they require or the support they need, emotionally as much as educationally which for these subjects is so important, as you will be learning about yourself in a way you have never looked at yourself before, bringing with it confidence in yourself, acceptance with whom you are.

Maggie, Dunstable


Thank you so much for my Astrology reading. It confirmed some things and explained a few things and gave me some surprises!! It was a cleansing and release for me and I have been feeling great ever since. Absolutely fascinating.

Joy, Winchester


Thank you for introducing me to the science of Astrology. I had no idea how much where and when I was born would influence my personality. Your interpretation was uncannily accurate and has helped me to understand some of my quirks! I’ll be coming back in November for you to look at my year ahead.

Maria, Manchester


Ruth has given me many Tarot readings over a number of years and I have always found her to be insightful, perceptive, empathetic and honest. I have followed her advice and it is always the times when I listen to her most that I find any obstacles easier to overcome.

Liz, Banbury


I just wanted to say thank you for spending time with me on Friday. You were very generous with the length of time you gave me for the reading. Not only was it nice to see you, I found the whole experience lovely – and helpful. You are very skilled in being able to say what needs changing without wounding. It is a new experience!

Polly, Portsmouth